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Actually in both cases I acquired student loan debt without ever completing a degree.  The first time I quit school because I got a good job in a different field. 

The second time my disability interfered with my ability to complete the degree.


--- Quote from: darryaz on August 04, 2013, 11:15:45 AM ---Several months ago I had given up on the effort to have my Student Loans discharged based on my disability.  The process was far too complicated and the Student Loan people seemed incredibly picky. 

My doctor filled out the application twice and it was refused both times.  The first time it was because they claimed they couldn't read his handwriting (strange, since I could read it just fine) and the second because he abbreviated HIV and AIDS.

Later this month I see a new doctor so I decided to tackle the process again.  I went online this morning to re-print the application.

To my HUGE surprise, things have changed a bit in the last 6 months.  There is now a website where you can apply for disability discharge online.

The requirements have changed as well.  Before it was made clear that the student loan discharge WOULD NOT take into account a person's disability status with the Social Security Administration.  That does not appear to be true any longer.

From what I'm seeing I don't have to have my doctor involved at all.  The documentation ALL comes from the Social Security Administration.

This is a terrific change and makes me much more hopeful about getting the student loans discharged.

I'll keep you all posted.

--- End quote ---

I think it has really depended on the servicer of the loan, as they handle the discharges.  My mom went on SSDI, and applied to have her parent plus loans discharged.  She had no problems.  I know they required the doc to state specifics on what your disability is and they had to state that it was permanent. 

I always thought it was totally ridiculous how they did this.  If the federal govt, through SSDI, has deemed you disabled, then I always felt that should be good enough for the dept of Ed.  For many, you have more than one doc submitting med records, that SSDI uses to determine you are disabled.  The Dept of Ed wanted one doc to fill our their form.  One doc and one condition may not deem you permanently disabled, rather it is the total of all your conditions.  For example, an HIV doc may not be able to say you are disabled.  But, add their diagnosis with a mental health dx, to a liver doc dx, and you are considered disabled by SSDI.  So, it wasn't fair they wanted one doc to make this determination for student loans.

I hadn't heard they are now using SSDI claim that you're disabled, to make their decision.  If that's the case, that is good to hear.  Btw, they have to return any payments your made, after the doc signed the form-- of course, pending their approval.   

Ted, if you look at the form Darryaz linked to, there is a section to be filled out based on SSA's determination of disability.  It includes sending a BPQY, which is a form from SSA stating when they will be reviewing a case next.  Because if it's 5-7 years, then SSA considers a person permanently disabled, and that's the maximum amount of time that can go by without SSA conducting a review.

There's also another section for a doctor to fill out.  But it seems the person filling out the form, who wants the loan discharged, can decide whether to use a doctor, or SSA. 

I might have to look into this also.  I was talking with Mitchypoo the other day about a letter I rec'd from the Student Loan Administration.  I took out loans in the 80's to finance my education.  We paid according to schedule and I'm sure we paid it all back. 

Now they're claiming that I had just under $2,000 remaining due on the loan.  I paid about $20,000 and failure to pay that relatively small amount?  I never rec'd any notice for 2 decades and now they're coming after me for over $8,000 thanks to interest and penalties. 

Speaking to them in person has been a lesson in patience.  "According to our records" was uttered constantly without any sort of documentation to support their assertion.  I literally LOL'd when she said that we could clear it up if I could provide proof of payment.  My bank branch manager even laughed when I called and asked her if we could retrieve archived statements.



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