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Great Relief Our Friend is Finally In Hospice

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--- Quote from: Martha on August 04, 2013, 06:33:55 PM ---Thank you Ann. I am glad they are our friends and I can help. Since I have been through this before with my son it all has come back to me even though it was many years ago.

--- End quote ---

I see you lost your son in 1996 - it must have been so hard knowing new meds were just around the corner. So many were lost when hope was right there on the horizon and I've always felt that added a new dimension to the tragedy that year. My heart goes out to you.

If you're interested, you can add your son's name to the list for the AMG Memorial Service which will be taking place this year in Chicago on Sunday, August 11th. (AMG = AidsMeds Gathering) You can add his first name or his whole name, whichever you feel comfortable with. The list is being compiled in this thread.

If you are in the Chicago area yourself, you would be more than welcome to attend. Details are in this thread.

Hugs and sincere condolences,

Thank you Ann. I added my son's name to the list. We live in south eastern Ohio so it is a long trip to Chicago.  Yes it is very sad that my son got sick before the medicine got better like it is now.  It's too late for our one friend but he ignored the  symptoms (Thrush) and kept on driving semis until he couldn't see one day while on the road. His wife is doing well on her medicine (she does have AWS though) and I hope we can keep her going strong for many years.

I wanted to update everyone on our friend's condition. He is very close to passing away. He is blind, in a fetal position and his throat is closing. His wife (who is HIV Positive) finally is crying. She has been too busy trying to get her life in some kind of order she hasn't really cried. I told her to go into the bedroom and let all the emotions she has pent up go. Be mad, even at God and let it all out. I told her I will call her later on tonight but she needs to let it all out. This is so very sad. We saw him about 2 weeks ago. He at his heaviest was a big man and weighed close to 300 lbs. He weighs less then 100 lbs. now. Thank you for this forum and the support you give so many.

Jeff G:
Hi Martha . I want to offer you my condolences and thank you for the update . Please know that through this tragedy and your willingness to share with us its helping many people who are in denial about HIV or unwilling to test or seek treatment .

Your friend is so much more than a reminder about what untreated HIV can do to a person but this will be a part of his legacy as well . May he find peace and an end to his suffering . 

Jeff, Thank you. I have gone over and over in my head if he had only listened to me when he developed Thrush. I told him Thrush can often be a symptom of HIV-Aids. He didn't go to a doctor. For me seeing my son and now one of our best friends die from this horrible disease no one should ignore how vicious it is without treatment.


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