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Great Relief Our Friend is Finally In Hospice

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Amen to that Martha, and that HIV/AIDS doesn't discriminate itself! My dad's diagnosis and death were in a month of each other, because he too was in denial, and he too had AIDS related dementia, and it was awful to watch from the side lines. I don't know how long I went with those "what if" questions...all I know is that was the most draining part of my life. It's been about a year and half now, and I still think about him and what happened. I also read many posts here, some places I can't reply to, and other places like here I do. I've learned so much about the disease by these forums and the information they provide. I feel like I can educate other ignorant people appropriately. I consider the members almost family like.

ImisstheOldTimes, Thank you. We are waiting for the phone call. Everytime the phone rings I think it is because our friend passed away. From April until now this has happened so fast. When he passes away I will post in the Memorial forum.


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