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If you go on my photobucket thing you can see the pictures I took in DC last year.

Michelle 8)


--- Quote from: Fisher on August 13, 2013, 06:14:03 PM ---Actually, this was the first time he got loose from his cage in about 20 years. So he had some pen up energy to burn off. He is really very shy and bashful in real life. Why he's been locked up in a cage for so long . . . well those that came to AMG now know why. . .

--- End quote ---

There is no doubt that we all adored you.  I sincerely enjoyed it all.  I've been waiting on our dear Nick to respond.  I just absolutely adored the new shirt he got me.  That was the sweetest thing ever.  And the overall, I'm sincerely  grateful to have been fortunate to reconnect with old friends and to also make new ones. 

yup   got  home  just  fine.... pulled into  Dallas  just as  a huge  thunder storm/ hailstorm hit   traffic   time from arpt to  home  was nearly  twice as  long as usual  here  safley  and unpacked....


I am also safely home.  Started the mountain of laundry and just now realized I had not posted yet.

It was a great gathering, as it always is.  I hope the ones who worry about "fitting in" will read the experiences of the newcomers and see how easy it is to fit in, almost within seconds (this is literally the universal experience of everyone who has come over the past seven years.)  We are "serious and contemplative" as we should be in the memorial service, but otherwise it is a very social, friendly and relaxing time.

Join us next year...wherever we end up!



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