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--- Quote from: Lou-ah-vull on August 03, 2013, 10:53:12 PM ---If I could have my way, we would be meeting in the Crow's Nest on a cruise ship.  One of these years, we are going to do an AMG cruise... and it will be great!  I can just imagine what some in our group would do for "formal night."

See you Thursday afternoon!


--- End quote ---

For the 2nd year in a row, I'm a no-show. But I'll be on that cruise, that's for sure.



For those attending the AMG for their first time, trust me...You will have a GREAT TIME !! You will be welcomed and there will be lots of hugs, and hand shaking ! The first AMG we, ( Ed and I) attended, was last year in Washington, and we had a fantastic time.  My only complaint, was it didn't last long enough.  There will be plenty to see and do, and if you want to kick back and take it easy you can do that too.

When we arrived last year, Phil D was outside the hotel when we pulled in. He spotted us , but probably didn't know who we were, although we had Florida plates on the car ( and I didn't know who he was),  I said to Ed, " I am going to ask that guy if he is here for the AMG." And I think that is how I approached it.  :) An hour and a half later, Ed, Phil and I were roaming around Washington DC site seeing, and having a great time !! ( Thank you again Phil ! )

The Meet and Greet is a great time ! ( from what I remember  :P  ;D    ), and the Memorial Service is exactly that,... A time to reflect and to remember those loved ones in our lives, that we have lost to this battle.

Ed and I will miss seeing everyone this year. Perhaps next year !

Enjoy Chicago and have great time !

Ray   8)

Fisher -
You will have a wonderful time - as will all those newcomers and returning.

Last year's AMG DC was my first and Rocky welcomed me with a giant hug...

I had the opportunity to pay that hug forward when a bit later I met Ed and Ray in the parking lot coming into the hotel.....

Rocky put me at ease and so did Ed and Ray (we enjoyed walking the mall in DC together on Day 1).... Soon, everyone else had me feeling at ease as well.

Because of circumstances that happened a couple of months ago w/ my brother, I am not able to get the time away from work and school to make it to AMG Chicago.... but be assured that I will be there next year (wherever it is held) barring any life shaking events...

Go, meet, greet, hang out, and mostly ENJOY the new friendships and strengthening of what have been many times up until AMG "virtual" relationships that occurs.... AMG is a wonderful time spent with those whom we share a unique bond.... regardless of where we all individually come from (past, present, geographically, or otherwise).

-Phil (who will surely be missing seeing everyone - but who knows I will enjoy reading the full reports here on the forums during and after the event).

Hey Fisher,

You will have a great time! I have been to most of the AMGs, and every time has its own flavor.

But each was wonderful. Great people who will make you feel right at home.

My journey actually starts tomorrow as I head to Albuquerque.

I look forward to seeing you in Chi town!



Thanks everyone. A little shy and nervous but I "adapt" quickly.

See you soon. The architectural boat ride was well worth it, though it was a bit hot when I took it in June. The boat I was on, and I guess most, serve complimentary soft drinks and snacks. I'd do it again.

My "tail" is on my front side rather than hanging off my butt  ;)  When it gets pulled I have no choice but to bear hug the puller. Growl.


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