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Hey Guys:

I really do not know any of you, and didn't get included on the list. I feel like a "one off." But I am coming, with sweetness and full heart. Looking forward to making new friends.

Life is really about joy. Although I just lost my partner, I am doing well. I look forward to greeting you with all my heart and joy . . . and I hope to come to know in heart and happiness and fun and adventure you guys. Other than New Orleans, Chicago is my favorite city!

I can be a bit shy, but once feeling safe, or after a few beers . . . watch out! I can be a Hellion. . . I come with a tail. And pulling it could result in unforeseen consequences :-)

With kindness, respect, and love,

-paul (prefer fisher)

Hi Fisher,

I'm new to AMG too. I just compiled the initial list from those who posted their times of arrival and departure. Please don't feel left out. :(
You are on the list now and I think I can safely speak for the others that you just as much part of AMG 2013 as anyone else.
Looking forward to meeting you, tail and all. :)

(you can call me anything you want... almost. ;D.)

Hey Fisher

I remember how nervous I was at my first AMG in Boston.  I quickly found out that there was no need.....  We are all a fun bunch, if somewhat deficient in making timely dining choices.   :o
The toughest part is making the first connections, as you may not recognize us or we you.  We should probably all agree to meet on the rooftop bar for a drink around 4:00 or so on Thursday.  Of course, it will likely become THE place for the weekend- if I know my cocktail loving cohorts (I am sober, so will stick to non-alcoholic beer or club soda).
Looking forward to meeting you - tail and all!


Edited to add - Hmmmmm, maybe the rooftop is a restaurant, but there is a bar in the lobby..........

If I could have my way, we would be meeting in the Crow's Nest on a cruise ship.  One of these years, we are going to do an AMG cruise... and it will be great!  I can just imagine what some in our group would do for "formal night."

See you Thursday afternoon!



Looking forward to meeting you.




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