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I am sorry to hear you have to join us, but welcome to the forums.  It does sound cliche, but time does help.  If you see many here dealing with things so well, I am sure, for many, that it has been the passage of time.  And, for many of them, they still have their issues.  Of course, some are able to just deal with anything that comes their way.  Some are just able to process life obstacles and move forward right away.  Some deal with things very well right away, but things hit them much later.  But, I think most were in your same mindset, or somewhere in between. 

Keep in touch here, and engage in conversations.  And, don't feel like you have to apologize for your feelings and how you're coping. 


Welcome to the forums.

Here it is from my perspective. You planned a life. HIV was not part of that plan. Now that HIV has entered your life, it has disrupted the plans you have made.

Your ego has taken a hit. You're dealing with uncertainty concerning your health. You're dealing with hindsight. You're dealing with "what if..." You're suddenly dealing with a health issue looming large in your life. You're also dealing with having to mourn the loss of the life you knew pre-HIV.

Uncertainty and lack of experience with a potential, (not certain) life-changer is causing you anxiety. This anxiety is amplifying your emotional response to dealing with HIV.

So, mourn if you must, but eventually you'll see that there is little to mourn. Counter your anxiety by educating yourself. This site will give you a lot of good information (and a bit of hypochondria if you let it). Just because it says some medical condition is possible, it does not make that condition inevitable. Take the cautions as "here is something to be aware of, not something you will likely see if you take care of yourself and take managing your HIV seriously."

HIV is a very manageable condition. No, it's not unicorns and rainbows. It's also not sackcloth and ashes. Give yourself time to adjust. Give yourself permission to feel the way you do. Take this at your pace and you'll be fine.

We've all been there...  Unfortunately you have to go through "this" to get to "that".  "That" it is NOT at all doom and gloom for many.   In what you say about accepting?  Well acceptance is the "key" that will set you free.  You wont find the answers without asking the questions... Keep asking....



All of these responses have been and believe them...Can I offer one thought that is perhaps a bit more pragmatic, as a newly diagnosed person who was where you are just a few months ago?

I would offer that a fresh discovery of and commitment to exercise has been a deal changer for me. Besides the incredible physical health benefits, the release of the endorphins and serotonin and everything it does in your brain has been a world of difference to me. It is something measurable and practical I can do every day to fight this disease and to seize the enjoyment of my life TODAY.

Sorry to be so practical - but I echo what everyone else has said - and just add that as a little bit of food for thought.


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