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Germany Insurance for EU students


Hello guys, does anyone here has been with a German Insurance for HIV EU students?
I am moving in Germany for 6-12 months and I already have the EHIC Card (European Health Card) but the University still wants a paper from a German Insurance. Since I am from Cyprus, mostly medications are free for students and other categories.

So my questions would be:
1. Is it ok to go with a German Insurance, or just having my meds from Cyprus by courier and the thing is done?
2.If I still have to be Insuranced what would be the best (public I guess) Insurance in Germany for HIV students?
3. Since I am new in HIV drugs I have to be tested regurarly atm, will all this be covered by an Insurance or somehow

P.S I am sooo confused with Insurances and stuff like that, but any helpful answer is acceptable. Thank you guys.


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