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My brother thinks I need something on my computer.

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It can be scary when my brother thinks I need something on my computer. So far he changed it from XP to 7.  He has put my favorites in folders, last year he put my pictures into folders.  I think he does this stuff to make me hate the computer even more ;D

Yesterday he informed me that he thinks he should put something called drop box on my computer, and on my phone to.

What is it and what good will it do for me and what does it do?

Micihelle 8)

I would recommend setting up a password and NOT sharing it with your brother.


--- Quote from: darryaz on August 02, 2013, 08:39:52 PM ---I would recommend setting up a password and NOT sharing it with your brother.

--- End quote ---

I am sure you love your brother, but I agree with Darry.

Dropbox allows you to store and retrieve your documents and media (e.g., photos) via several devices such as your computer and iPhone.

Here is a link for more information:

It's good to get all those important files and pix off your computer and phone.  I lost many great pix, when my computer crashed.  We bought a external hard-drive with 1 terabyte.  We now transfer things regularly. 

I haven't used the upload services, like Dropbox.  I should.  My phone pix are on a SD card, so if something should happen to my phone, I will still have the pix.  iPhones and some android phones don't have SD cards, making a service like Dropbox more important. 

Klassy, you should back up your computer automatically. Either to the cloud (you pay a little bit for storage, which a company keeps somewhere) or to an external hard drive disk you have in your home.  If you are backing up, then you are golden. This means automatically everyday or at least once a week. 

Then, you can manage your files anyway you want.  But if you are ambitious, yeah, ask your brother to help you evolve with the times, its important to keep up a little bit.

If you are really smart, you should have two back ups of anything important.  Cloud + hard disk at home.  OR one hard disk you put things you never want to lose, stored at work or at a friends, and you back up to it maybe once a month.  The cloud makes this easier.  This way, if your house burns down, god forbid, you still have your important stuff.


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