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I posted on the old website a little over 6 months ago under the moniker "positiveimpoz".  I wanted to repost it, but it's gone.  My exposure was on March 15 of this year and was insertive oral.  I tested negative at 14 weeks and put my hiv fears away.  I kept seeing the doctor about my mouth during this time.  I've had a burning tongue, severly dry mouth (can't call up saliva), thick saliva when I have some and pain inside my cheeks.  At the time I thought it was candidiasis, but now I know it's Xerostomia.  It's goten so bad, my gums have now receded (I've always had perfect checkups)!  I've read these forums and the ones on the old site for all of these months.  Update:  At the end of August, exactly 6 months past exposure I came down with a headache and a sore throat.  My daughter had a cold at the time, so I didn't worry.  On the third day I woke up in the middle of the night shivering and felt like I was going to throw up.  I got up to take my temperature and my body ached all over.  My fever was 102.4.  I took some tylenol and went to bed.  When I woke up the next morning I still had the fever.  It lasted for 4 days.  During that time I had pain under my armpits.  On fifth night I had no fever, but woke up soaked in bed.  I had to sleep on the other side, because the one side was so wet.  I developed a cough that lasted for approximately 2 weeks.  I went in for another test (this would be 7.5 months) this week.  Based on my continued mouth symptoms dry mouth, food sticks to teeth, can't swallow food without drink, and burning, white tongue, I think my chances of a non-reactive are extremely slim.  I know what everyone's going to say:  I had no risk, my 14 week test was conclusive, symptoms don't mean anything, etc.  If I do test positive, I will be told I am lying about my exposure.  I've looked up many possible causes of dry mouth and they are, medication, hiv, diabetes, and chemotherapy.  I don't take any medications and don't have diabetes.  I'm looking for some new information.  What are the clinical reasons people test positive late?  Has anyone ever heard of someone testing positive in my situation?  I am planning on posting my results next week.


We've had new forum software installed since you were here last. Your thread from the old forum is here.

You got a blowjob. Get over it. Getting a blowjob is NOT a risk for hiv infection, as you have been repeatedly told. You have a fourteen week test that shows you are hiv negative.

If you cannot accept your negative hiv status, then please seek some face-to-face counseling to help you get to the bottom of your hiv anxiety.

You will not be allowed to repeatedly come here to wring your hands over this no-risk event that you have conclusively tested negative for. Please read the Welcome Thread, follow the Lessons links and take note of our forum posting guidelines.

There is nothing more we can do for you here. You ARE hiv negative, period, end of story.



I had let it all go until I got sick.  Now I have all of these mouth issues.  Severe dry mouth and red dots in different spots.  I'm also now getting pain in my cheeks.  Would someone please address these symptoms?  Can these happen so soon after ARS?  I'm also thinking I may have gotten infected by my 14 week test.  I never saw the nurse get a new needle and I watched the guy before me get his blood drawn and leave.  I asked the nurse about the needle and she showed my where she gets the new ones from and I never saw her grab one!  Please help!

Thanks everyone.


--- Quote ---Would someone please address these symptoms?
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No matter what the cause of your symptoms (and there are dozens of possibilities), we cannot address them here. You simply MUST go see a doctor face-to-face. There isn't a person on the planet who can diagnose you over the internet.

If you're seriously thinking that you got infected from your test, then you seriously need to speak to a counselor. Again, this must be face-to-face. There's only so much we can do for you here and you are well outside our remit.

You are hiv negative. It's high time you took the necessary steps to enable yourself to come to terms with your hiv negative status.



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