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I have some good news!

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Thats great  Mark.

Excellent news!

Just a quick update:

Saw the doctor today. He scolded me because it has been nine months since my last official visit. I think he was also joking, since I see him at least once weekly, just not for myself.

Anyway, on top of the good cholesterol numbers, all seems well. My blood pressure checked in a 120/80, which is pretty normal, the liver is doing A-OK, something I watch thanks to previous issues.

My kidneys are working like troopers. No sign of problems because of Tenofovir.

Oh, the CD4 and stuff are OK: CD4 980, 41%, Viral load undetectable.  The CD4 is a tad lower than last year, but I am not going to quibble.

There was a problem, though. According to his records, I gained one pound since last year. That isn't a big problem, but I was weighed after our AMG Chicago adventure, and I did eat a lot of big meals, so I think that was it.

Oh, and it was certainly worth the extra pound.  8)



Excellent News, Buddy!

Maybe it was the endless trail of food at the Japanese BBQ. ???
PS- Great news Mark!


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