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Me So Bored .......HA!

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Love that song.


--- Quote from: GSOgymrat on July 29, 2013, 11:20:17 PM ---Love that song.

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my randy and I were the original PSB LOL
we opened our pet shop in 1985, a year before "Please"

I love their new album "Electric" - but then I've loved everything they ever put out so I guess I'm really no judge of the PSB. LOL  However, I take that back. I wasn't very fond of "Elysium". Although it had a few moments, it was just too slow and definitely not "Behavior"

I watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof last night. Poor Brick and Maggie, both so beautiful  and unfulfilled.... em which boils down to being "unfilled"  :o

What struck me this viewing was how much Big Daddy (in the film version at least) loves Brick, and Brick is a whining prick claiming Big Daddy never loved him..

But, you just gotta go with the historic moment... 

Tonight I'm going to watch Baby Doll (1956) another steamy flick based on a Tennessee Williams play.

“The revolting theme of this picture, Baby Doll, and the brazen advertising promoting it constitute a contemptuous defiance of the natural law, the observance of which has been the source of strength in our national life” Cardinal Francis Spellman of New York

In August I get to watch some of my favorite summer movies, that seem best on hot August nights, like: A Place in the Sun, A Summer Place, Bonjour Tristesse, Boom, Sunset Boulevard, Cabin in the Sky etc.

Armless torsos - no neck Monsters.....I get it.....Elizabeth was so ethereal and so was Montgomery Clift. Talk about summer movies - how about "Suddenly Last Summer"...lobotomies and cannibalism - you can't beat that for a combo!

People's lives are but trails of debris

Me Not So Bored!

But KathArine Hepburn is in it and I hate most of her performances.  Taylor is twisted fun in that film, I'll give you that! Clift is rather monstrous, post-accident. He sounds like Peter Lorre, or Quasimodo.

"I was procuring for him..."


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