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Me So Bored .......HA!

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Wilmington, NC

Police: Woman's body found dismembered in SUV, person of interest sought

Police said the woman's body had been dismembered. The person who called 911 spoke with WBTV. She said she doesn't know who is responsible for leaving the body in the parking lot on Dove Tree Lane in Hidden Valley. She added whoever it is could be crazy and dangerous so she asked not to have her name released.

"I think I do something good and call the police report. But now I'm scared," said the woman.

"In my parking lot is a truck. I don't know who is this that truck is not moving. The truck has something that smells not good," she told police.

She said she thought the smell could have been from a dead animal. Her husband looked through the window of the SUV and told her something was not good.

"Something a suitcase is in there and have a tire up the suitcase. He smell it more nasty or something. And I'm say I need to call the police," she said.

Film at 11..........


Man eating raw meat in the parking lot at the grocery store


--- Quote from: Habersham on October 07, 2013, 09:11:28 PM ---
 She added whoever it is could be crazy and dangerous .....

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Call Jeopardy....we have a Mensa pledge!


--- Quote from: Habersham on October 07, 2013, 09:11:28 PM ---Wilmington, NC

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cough, cough. Charlotte NC
(just up the road from me)

no wonder though, this happened in Hidden Valley. That neighborhood has been seedy and gang-ridden since the late 70s

interesting and sad note to this wiki article is that the Eastland Mall, where the Hidden Valley Kings had a shoot-out in 2005, just started being demolished on Oct 1. I lived all my high school years in that mall in the 70s, before the gangs moved in during the 80s. How sad to see such a big, lovely mall (with no severe flaws, just no buyers) being knocked to the ground. I drove by the other day with some friends. We were sad but laughed like mad talking about some of the crazy stuff we did in the mall as teenagers.


--- Quote from: Habersham on September 26, 2013, 12:03:22 PM ---Drunken knife wielding lunatic stabs roommate for listening to the Eagles

Many of you probably thought he had the game on.......

Although this is local news only the UK press published a picture of their home:

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I think I found her sister!!



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