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Me So Bored .......HA!

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There are no random/fabulous/tweets/posts.  This is my random post to say the off topic forum has lost it's mojo.  Are all the random/fabulous posters lurking due to a warning? Will they return? Are they traveling to AMG? Are they moving? Are they glad they did/did not apologize? I'm away for 11 hours and all the new posts relate to pets or Spanish songs/travel plans. Do I need to renew my gym membership/Hulu plus subscription?  This is very text heavy and unlike me. I did not receive as many vines as I was hoping for. Shall I take down my Carlos Danger avatar? Does this reek of desperation? Will 80 people read this and no one reply?


You're still shopping at International Male??????
So many armless torsos


  Has anyone seen the movie The Man From Nowhere?



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