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Possible Therapeutic and Preventive Vaccine in several years

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I agree with you as well Hussy....nothing ventured nothing gained.  Afterall, the company who discovers a vaccine/cure will make billions.  That in itself is a money maker already.  Hopefully something good will come out of this study.


Even if this one falls by the wayside like so many other attempts, I believe there are two recent positives going for us (no pun intended)...  the first that SHIV has been modified to better mimic HIV so that vaccines could be more quickly and predictably tried in monkeys.  I doubt this vaccine has been tested against monkeys infect with "modified" SHIV.  The second is that the Gates Foundation is setting up a world wide database for vaccine researchers receiving foundation grants so they can better share information.  Rather than Big Pharmas "patent and compete" philiosophy, this is an attempt to garner cooperation among researchers.  Now .... hopefully... they have the conscience to leave their egos behind and unite behind a struggle for the common good. 

I belive the cure will come!!  Its in everyones best interest to cure hiv. Millions of people every year are being infected. something must happen. Whoever comes up with the cure will be very rich and well respected. Its probibly in the best interest for the pharma companies to get behind a cure. Cause if they dont they will loose out in the end.


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