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Possible Therapeutic and Preventive Vaccine in several years

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Hello Everyone,

Here is an article from the University of Western Ontario.  It's nice to hear some encouraging news from time to time. Check it out.

Hope all is well.


Great news! Thank you Justin  ;)

Fantastic to read such things....and I'm glad you posted this because I had read about this upcoming trial elesewhere but it didn't mention if this was a theapeutic or preventive vaccine, this article states it's both.....just fantastic.

The day is getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for that one.  Looks like this has some legitimacy given that a Korean firm is willing to make a substantial investment to get trials underway. 
I'm still waiting for news about the Ensoli vaccine which we should get within the next 9 months or so.


"This vaccine can cure the HIV infected," Kang said. "It has the potential of saving millions of lives," said Kang.

"This is our hope."

That is quite a statement!  Of course it wouldn't be a'd just teach our bodies to fight the virus if it works as stated.  We could still infect others.  Of course, if they were vaccinated then we couldn't. 

It'd be quite a day if EVERYONE was vaccinated and I could date willy nilly no big deal, "I have HIV, but there's nothing to worry about since you've been vaccinated".  That'd be nice.


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