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The Aids @ 25 article that I've been looking for

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Hi Iggy.
Is it possible to c&p the article here?
That would be very cool.



We read so much encapsulation of the different eras of AIDS.  We see the 80's and death.  We have the 90's and death with some hope.  We reach the new millennium and we see more hope and death.

What are we missing here?

Great article.  Someone who can attest to 25 years with true understanding.

Bummer... Had I known you were going to c&p it, I wouldn't have registered with NY Times site.  Oh well...

WOW!!! What an article...

Straight and to the point.  No bullshit! 

Brought tears to my eyes because of the reality of it all... I guess it's time we look at HIV as a virus, because that's truly what it is.  A freaking virus, that yes, can one day kill us in one way or another.  And there are plenty of other viruses that kill too, what's so different about HIV/AIDS? ???

Thanks for posting this Iggy.  It sends a very powerful message...I'm glad you shared it with us.  You've given me some food for thought.  You know what?  I needed this article too...Thanks! :) :-*


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