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Memorial Remembrance List

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Randy Rapp
Jim Pollnow ("paul know")

while the memorial service can be very hard to bear (I remember our service in Seattle), it's one of the most beautiful ways of remembering the people we loved who are gone. When other people learn of my loss, they often tell me how sorry they are for that loss. I know they mean well; but I often feel that they don't really understand. But I know that when we, the AM family, gets together to recite our list of names, all the people there hearing those names really do understand what a loss it is to me and I understand what a loss it is to y'all.

I'll be there in spirit with y'all at the service and thank you for remembering our lost loved ones. :-*

Stacey Montgomery
Lavelle Dorsey Germany

both have been on my mind a lot lately.

i miss them

If I were able, I'd be glad to read the names but I just know I can't.  That's the most emotional aspect of the entire memorial for me.  Mark did an awesome job in Seattle!!!  As did Jody in DC.

I'll limit my input to the two people that I love and miss the most;

William Thatcher and
Gregory Anderson

Thanks to whoever steps up.


I will read the names if you would like.

I will add a few names:

Michael Scott Cherry

Algassimou Diallo

Wesley Peters

Bruce Cartcher

Pat Sanchez

Alan Gates

Vito Bruno

Strider Martin


--- Quote from: aztecan on August 01, 2013, 11:27:49 AM ---I will read the names if you would like.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Mark -- will take you up on your offer.

Of course, anyone else can still volunteer -- we can split them up.



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