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Hello all,

On the day of our memorial Service we would like to make up a list of name of friends/loved ones who have passed away due to HIV/AIDS.

Jody read the list for us last year (if memory serves), hopefully we can have some music playing and candles being lit by those attending while the reading is being done.

I think it's a wonderful and respectful way of remembering our friends who have passed on, so please use this thread to put forward names you would like read out or you can PM me, the choice is yours.

I will also need someone to volunteer and read the names during the Memorial.  Please let me if you are interested.

We are starting this thread a little late this year -- please have all names in this thread or PM'd to me by noon Aug. 7th (US east coast time).  This will allow me to create and print out a list to bring to Chicago.

Remember -- you need not be attending to put forth names.


Thanks for handling this Mike!

Names I would like to have read:

Jimmy Ragin (prounounced like Reagan)
Butch Dickey (my brother)

Thanks again -
Phil (who now has to clean up tears that started to once again flow remembering two people who didn't have to go...)

Wayne Race.

And my thanks to you too Mike!

Scott Harrington AKA ConfidentIWillBeOk
Scott Freegh - (pronounced "free")


Carl Henry Huke (pronounced Hookey) Jr.


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