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First of, I would like to say that the work ALL of you do is incredible!  Thank you so much for taking the time to look @ my question.  OK, here goes...

I kissed this girl (very, very, deep kissing...french kissing) for about 15-20 minutes.  That was all that happened.  The reason I am concerned is earlier in the night, I had accidentally bitten down so hard on my tongue.  It was bleeding for about a half hour.  Anyways, 10 hours later I french kissed this girl.  I know my tongue wasn't bleeding at the time of kissing, but what if blood from her mouth came into contact with the wound on my tongue????  Has something like that ever happened????  Also, I never saw or even tasted any blood, I'm just concerned because I've heard that deep kissing for a long time could damage the mouth and transmit the virus.  I figured since I already had a wound on my tongue, that might transmit it.  Please help, I'm feeling extremely anxious about this incident.  When would be a good time to test, this incident happened a month ago????

thanks again for anyone that decides to respond....ganoush

Andy Velez:
Instead of spending even one more moment of emotional energy on your what if scenario, how about reading the lessons on transmission and testing, a link to which can be found in the Welcome thread which opens this section of the Forums.

You'll get the real deal there about HIV transmission and I can tell you that you have nothing to worry about in relation to this French kissing incident, no matter what was going on in your mouth, lips, tongue, etc. There was no risk and you can take a nice big breath now and let it go! No kidding.

While theoretically there might have been risk, as with anything sexual that is not limited to your own hand, theoretical doesn't translate into actual risk.

So read those lessons and get on with your life. No kidding.


Thank you for the resonse, I took your advice and checked out the transmission lesson and did a search on kissing.  I did not find any information about transmission from kissing?  It says nothing about it in the lessons???  Also, I read many responses that said, no risk, low risk, Theoretically possible, highly unlikely.  I am so confused.

In your opinion, should I even test over this?  Has anyone ever been infected by HIV from french kissing???? 


There's a very good reason why kissing is not listed in the transmission lesson - kissing is not a method of hiv transmission. Kissing is not a risk for hiv infection. It is NO risk. Saliva is NOT infectious. Saliva contains over a dozen different proteins and enzymes that damage hiv and make it unable to successfully infect a new host.

Kissing is NOT a risk for hiv infection. French, Italian, American, Indian, Swahili, whatever. Kissing is NOT a risk for hiv infection.


Andy Velez:
Just as Ann has told you, it wasn't an oversight that kissing of any kind was not included in the testing lesson. It simply isn't a risk for HIV transmission. Period. No matter what your mind is telling you to the contrary. No kidding.


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