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hi there,

does anyone know anything about running/training for a marathon if you're hiv positive?

i recently started taking atripla (about a month ago) after being diagnosed in march.  before i was diagnosed i was always pretty active and healthy, running, swimming, gym etc.  i got really ill after getting infected (cd4 was 244, vl was...a lot.  lost 10 lbs etc) and had to take some time off from the gym.  i'm starting to feel much better now (albeit somewhat weaker) and was wondering if it was too soon to consider training for my first marathon in november.  it's something i would really like to do, but am worried about pushing myself too hard.

any advice would be super helpful, thanks!

Hi Anotherone, welcome to the forums.

There's no reason why you can't train - unless your doctor has said otherwise.

Just take it slow and steady to begin with and listen to your body. If you feel you're over-doing it, you probably are, so ease up but don't stop completely. If you've been inactive for a while it may take a little time and patience to get back into the swing of things.

Make sure you eat well and get plenty of rest while you're training and all should be good.

Good luck with your marathon!



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