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Advice for body changes, loss of glutes.

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I have seen some posts about body changes so I wanted to post some of my own experience on the subject.  I am 31 and have been athletic my whole life and have lifted weights since I was in 8th grade.  One of the attributes that I've always gotten attention for has been my body, especially my butt (I'm half Latino lol).  Since having HIV, I have seen a decline in muscle everywhere on my body.  I have tried my best to fight it though and will continue to till the day I die.  All I can say is nutrition, calorie intake, and exercise (especially weight lifting), are all imperative if you want to continue to look in a certain manner.  For me, that's looking in great shape and having muscle.  Weights and eating more have helped me sustain muscle and keep my butt almost as ample as it used to be.  You have to eat well and make sacrifices.  Lots of protein, fresh vegetables, and fruits.  I also take extra vitamins and supplements, and I believe they have helped me a ton.  All of this also affects my appearance.  I still look as healthy and youthful as I would have without HIV, and still get compliments on this.  I hope some of this helps someone out there.  Just get out there and make some of these changes, today!  I have a lot more that I could say about what I do if anyone has any questions.  Thanks.

This is also a concern for myself.  Here is some articles:

Great info.  Thanks so much :).

I also notice loss of glutes. I started medication on the 21st May 2013. I am on Tribuss. I keep fit by going to gym at least twice a week doing Pilates and yoga. I am monitoring my weight very closely. I have a  slender body. I was taking care of my diet eating healthily even before I started meds. For protein I drink a glass of free milk with ensure powder. I have increased my food intake portions. I also take multi vitamins from vital. I must say I am monitoring my body for any changes very closely.

I just want to point out that lipoatrophy and wasting are two different things.


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