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Disclosure to other Drs. / Dentists, etc?

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Hi to all...

A question....I asked my Dr. at the HIV clinic if I was required to inform my dentist of my poz status, and he said "No, you are not required - all medical professionals are to take all necessary precautions and you are not required to inform." I then asked about informing another Dr. for a small medical procedure I am contemplating (small in office surgery - in and out in a few hours) and again, was told - very clearly - no.

I live in New York.

Was my Doc accurate in this? If he was not, what are the legal "risks" of not disclosing? What can anyone tell me about this?

Thanks -

I told my Dentist last visit a cpl mo's ago. it was the first time I had seen her since becoming positive.

She said, "as medical professionals we take universal precautions anyway" and basically confirmed it wasn't necessary to tell her but she thanked me for sharing and went on to be the coolest dentist ever. Super warm and caring and had nothing but encouragement for me.

That's here in the true north strong and free at least :) not sure about other places.

The info from this site says you are not legally requires to disclose, but then says to check your state laws.  When I looked at another link from, it said some states do require it, but didn't list them.  It said to check with your local health department. 

I think it is good for most medical providers to know-- not so they can take extra precautions (they should practice universal precautions anyway), but so they may be extra vigilant about things.  Again, they should do that anyway, but they may not dismiss something so easily, if they know you have HIV.  Of course, if you live in a small town and don't want people to know, I fully appreciate not wanting to tell your dentist, who is the dentist for everyone in town.  Medical providers and staff do talk, especially in Mayberry.

As Ted said, check the laws in NEW YORK.  Also, I wouldn't rely on your doctors statement about the legal risks.  He's a doctor, not a lawyer.  Chances are the information was correct, but what if it isn't?  "My doctor told me its OK" won't be a defense if for some godforsaken reason you had a legal issue.

Not sure of the legal risks, but have you considered the medical risks of not disclosing?



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