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Miss Philicia:
My doctor's visit today revealed good news that nothing is wrong with my spine as per the x-rays, aside from some arthritis in my neck (arthritis at 48 isn't fetch considering my father didn't get it until he was 78 -- Hooray for AIDS!). So the thinking is that I have some as-yet-not-determined musculoskeletal issue which I suppose isn't that uncommon for us LTS coffin dodgers (to borrow Matilda's delightfully offensive term).

For now he's not going to send me off to a specialist, as my back pain has now disappeared. I'm still getting muscle spasms at times in my legs and arms, and my knees I'm fairly sure have arthritis as do my feet, so I am staying on cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxer) for a while longer and adding rozerem to help me get to sleep at night, though fucking Wellcare required "pre-approval" for that so I couldn't pick it up at the pharmacy this afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day, but even then it supposedly takes a few doses to build up in one's system and start allowing your insomnia to lessen.

I feel better though and that's what counts, and by next week will feel even better.

Jeff G:
That's great news , I get a little concerned when a fellow coffin dodger starts have consistent pain , so its good its eased off . 

I'm glad things are improving. One thing I admire about you is your tenacity regarding your medical issues. You meet them head on, go to the doctors and follow treatment. So many people, and I'm primarily thinking of people who are not HIV+, ignore symptoms and avoid getting proper care even when they have insurance.

Very Good news, haven,t heard coffin dodger for a long time , has a ring to it.


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