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Miss Philicia:
Miss P, in honor of Prince George Alexander Louis, will undergo his fourth foot surgery on Monday, September 16th, 2013 -- 23 months after the first foot surgery. Including my colonoscopy this will be my fifth time going totally under anesthesia!

Such fun, isn't it. This time I will not go home for a week of convalesce at my aged parents in the Hunt Country of Virginia, but will endure it all in my forth floor walk up in lovely Filthydelphia, where we recently had a grown man run naked during the say a mere block from my apartment. Sad man was arrested for simply living as God intended before the evil entreaties of Eve and Lucifer.

Hopefully this recovery will only last 3-4 weeks, and only the first 10 days will I have to be a recluse in my lovely penthouse, while I have two metal pins in two of my toes to make them sit flat -- during the second foot surgery they never sat down flat like they were supposed to do.

Oh, and my last nerve conduction test seemed to show I have some horrible nerve of which I forgot the name that runs up from my toes all the way up my leg and buttocks so I've now gone on Lyrica. Seems to help half way so I'll see if my doctor will increase the dose. Not sure how high that can go.

So sorry Miss Philly that you have had to endure such torture with your foot and all those surgeries.  You have been so brave and you endure the pain and the procedures with humor and wit.  It's all you can do.   Being on the fourth floor in a walk up is quaint and fun but with foot issues it sucks.  I hope this next one will do the trick and you will be getting around your city of brotherly love better than ever.



  Sounds dreadful .   I hope you recover quickly .


    P.s I love stairs , They keep us young  ;)

I will come take care of you, in Kathy Bates fashion. 

God, that's awful.  I know you've struggled with these foot issues.  I hope this is the last surgery you have to have for a long time (if ever).

I take Lyrica for neuropathy, 150 mgs twice a day.  I don't know what the maximum dose is, but I started on, I believe, 50 mgs twice a day.  It doesn't get rid of it, but it does help, better than Gabapentin.

Good luck with everything, you have my number.


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