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36 Photos From Russia That Everyone Needs To See

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--- Quote from: oksikoko on September 06, 2013, 04:54:04 PM ---This article comparing the current situation in Russia to US history with "Separate but Equal" appeared in the St. Petersburg Times and the Moscow Times, two Finland-based, English-language papers covering those cities for expats. (I mean to say these aren't local staples like, say, The NY or Washington Times might be said to be.) Thought some of you might be interested.

--- End quote ---

Well written article. Scary beyond words. I get the feeling it will take a   l o n g  time before significant change will ever happen in Russia on this issue. Hope I am wrong.

I'm uneducated about much of Russia (a product of the US public school system, most of what I did learn was negative and that they wanted to bomb us).   I get the impression (which could be way off base) that they have gone through a long period of despair and are looking for someone or some group to blame.

It seems based on the Moscow times article that the west (the US) is to blame.  Evidence that the west is responsible for for some of the despair is our acceptance of gays, drug use, pornagraphy, and fast food.  This paragraph from the article stood out

"Why the special attention to foreigners? Judging by comments made by the law's most-fervent supporters, Duma deputies believe that Russia's LGBT "phenomenon" is a morally noxious virus that the West has infected Russia with together with prostitution, pornography, drug abuse and unhealthy fast-food chains. Thus, the argument goes, the law must impose harsher penalties on foreigners from the West because they are the chief provocateurs behind the gay propaganda campaign. They are the ones who are plotting to weaken Russian by corrupting its traditional values, exacerbating its demographic problem and increasing its number of AIDS cases."

It's scary because throughout history nations have looked to certain groups to blame. 


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