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hate to sound dumb..but i gotta cold!

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i'm hiv pos. and i caught a cold from my 1 year old son..i've never had an OP infection..but this cold is kicking my butt..I'm going to go to the doc. tomorrow, but am i any more in susceptable to the common cold cause i'm pos?

Hang in there pal. I hope you get over your cold soon. I'm sure I would be freaking out as well.

Colds will affect us all differently.  I had a cold a couple of months ago and my CD4 count is under 200.  My cold lasted only about a week, lots of tissues, runny nose, sore eyes, sneezing and coughing.. but despite my lack of cd4's my body seemed to kick that cold to the curb.  Just keep your eye on symptoms, drink plenty of fluids, go see your doc, especially if you are feeling unwell.  If you haven't already you should see about getting your flu shot.

Anyone can get a cold especially with winter coming up soon,  dont worry much about it, it my just clear on its own.

Get well soon

yes u are , i think hehe
well i knw i had alot of  op.infections this year.   i didnt knw i was poz. but looking back i had every allergy possible, then ear,eye infections , then diahreah, then now colds. but i got every possible imm. shot thier is. because i am suseptable to inf. and or colds and stuff. so just PREVENT

luv  ;)


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