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Having issues. Thinking about going into rehab

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There are several reputable alternatives to conventional twenve-step programs out there.

I do realize the AA/NA groups are not for everyone.  But, had the op stuck with them, he may not have gone through the years of grief he posted about, plus the continued addictive behavior.  Having support is extremely important.  I just talked about this last night with a friend who has been sober for 24 years. 

I myself don't attend many 12 step meetings anymore.  However, I do recommend them for my clients.  Why?  Because when someone gives up an addiction, there has to be something to replace it; something not totally self destructive.  Having the support of another person can sometimes make all the difference. 

It seems the op was not ready to stop addictive behavior the first time through rehab, which could be the result of resistance to 12 step programs.  And, 12 step groups really do have the best outcome and greatest success of any other treatment for alcoholism/addiction.  That's taught in addiction classes.  Sorry, don't have a link.  Just observance, researching myself, personal experience, and opinions of professionals (therapists, professors) who have worked in the addiction field for years. 

I don't beat people over the head with the Big Book or Basic Text, nor do I tout 12 step programs being the only way someone can break an addiction.  However, if I listen (or here, read) to someone who sincerely wants to give up booze, drugs, whatever, I suggest attending AA or NA, whichever a person would be more comfortable with.  If someone is around others who have similar issues, the someone doesn't feel so isolated, which goes hand in hand with continued destructive behavior (isolation).  And can also get suggestions on how to deal with issues from people who have had success in such matters.  I know when I'm dealing with a specific issue, I contact my friend who has been sober for so many years, or someone else in a 12 step program, who can give me invaluable advice on how to overcome whatever I'm dealing with.

Of course, willingness is something one has to have, plus humility.  And a strong desire to give up whatever is at the root of the problem.  And then work on not repeating the same behavior. If not, nothing will work. 

-End rant-



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    While I may have an idea, I don't know exactly what you are feeling right now.  Addiction is pretty powerful, and it's also cunning and manipulative.  You reached out to us for a reason.  It takes a lot of courage to be open and honest with a group of your peers, I commend you.  It's a tough path you're on but you've already taken one of the toughest steps.  Don't stop!

  Hang in there bud.


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