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Bring me sunshine:
In Ireland it's a bit different. Sectioning literally means being taken to hospital, and detained and usually treated against your will. It is referred to as "sectioning" because it is legal under a section of the Mental Health Act. It's not done that regularly and things have to be pretty bad but over here your friend would definitely have been sectioned. It must be terrible to feel so helpless. It would be kinder to all involved if he doesn't survive for so long, must be so painful for everyone involved. You really have my sympathy.

bring me sunshine, That is very interesting. No one wants to deal with him anymore. Nursing homes even if he agreed say no. He was refused admission to the mental institution because he said no. If he dies from a fall or burns the house down by mistake all that will be said is that was a shame. I do not understand this part of our system but what I have witnessed isn't right. He has no income to pay the rent so he will be evicted with no where to go.


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