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Anyone considering buying a CityPass for Chicago?  It not only saves money, if you want to go to the covered sites, it saves time -- as in using a VIP line instead of general admission.


I'm definitely buying one and I posted another link also.  It'll cover the trams and buses which we'll need if going to the respectable fun spots. 

The CityPass does all that!?
Sign me up!

Goodness, don't any of you read my posts?  LOL  it covers the tram and city buses.  You need both to navigate the city.  I'm wasting a fortune just on ink alone printing off everything.  Doesn't matter, I'll still mess up at first.

When I was there in May, we took an architectural tour on the Chicago River...a lot of companies do them.  You spend an hour on a boat and have a guided presentation about the diverse architecture in downtown Chicago.  It was one of the best tours I remember ever taking.

Highly recommended!



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