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2 months worth of Isentress/Truvada no longer needed

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Jeff G:

--- Quote from: Tool man on August 12, 2013, 02:12:59 PM ---TabooPrincess, If you still have the extra atripla, I would like to talk to you about them. I have been poz going on 3 years and buy my meds from Panama and India as I have no insurance here in the USA. Paying postage is not a problem.

Tool Man

--- End quote ---

Hi Tool Man and welcome to the forums . Once you post 3 times you will be able to use the PM ( personal message ) function .   ;) .

Tool man:
Thanks for the information Jeff, I broke down and looked up that information on what is needed to PM.
So much for being a lurker for years...........


Jeff G:
Your welcome ! And glad you decided to join us too .

Sorry Jeff I didn't know about this. Last year December I was diagnosed with aids cd 131 n 398900 VL. After a month I started taking issentres n truvada

Now after 7 months on medication cd 298 n undectatable. I still taking issentres n truvada. I hope get better for my first anniversary taking medicine this December :)


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