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I'm interested in retiring to Ecuador.  I'm looking to travel there later this year, but one area that will have a real impact on the possibility of this move is access to medication and healthcare.  I'd be interested in talking with anyone who is living in Ecuador.



Hi Manplus, welcome to the forums!

One of our members, Valmont, lives in Ecuador - he moved there from France, if I recall correctly.

He pops in every few days and will most likely to be happy to reply to you (he's a nice guy!), but in the meantime you may learn a thing or two from his posting history. You may want to start at page seven, as posting histories are presented with the most recent posts first.

If you want to read the thread where a post of his that interests you originally appeared, click on the title of the post and it will take you to the thread.

Good luck! Ecuador is a beautiful place. :)


This chap is also from Equador. I enjoy reading his blog  :

Hey Manplus, welcome here; yes Im (still) living in Ecuador, Ann has a very good memory  ;)...

Here, if you have a visa, the National Program will consider you and give you health care for free (medical appointments, medecine, labs...) ; these health cares are basic, sometimes there are problems with the possibility to make VL and CD4 (I have to make them by my onw, sometimes), anyway, Im happy the way my public clinic is working...

The best attention in given in the biggest cities (Quito / Guayaquil), I recommand the Enrique Garces hospital, in the south of Quito, the staff is very friendly and "our" clinic is separated from the rest of the hospital. 

The laws are also very well done in regard to confidenciality.  But as in many place in Third World countries, organization is sometimes a Little deficient (it explains why there are sometimes  shortage of medecines or reagents, but it is managable).  The medecine are generics comparable to the molecules you can find in UE or USA...

In regard to tourism matter, you wont have problems to travel here and bring your meds.  If you want some more specific information, dont hesitate to write a PM to me...

I think Ecuador is a nice place for retiring, the coast is great...  Where do you plan to go? 


--- Quote from: Grasshopper on July 18, 2013, 07:29:30 AM ---This chap is also from Equador. I enjoy reading his blog  :

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Excellent link, thank you...


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