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He is getting on my nerves...

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--- Quote from: tednlou2 on July 16, 2013, 08:08:24 PM ---I agree that it seems like a conflict to have the same therapist.  Well, you obviously need the same therapist in marriage counseling.

--- End quote ---

We are going to see her together.

I was curious about something.  Do you have both a psychiatrist and a therapist?  I ask, because you mentioned using up your 15 minutes on your husband.  I know most have very short sessions with psychiatrists.  They are now more for discussing meds and writing scripts. 

You didn't mean you only have 15 mins with your therapist, did you?  I was thinking 15 mins go by with mine, just saying hello and making small talk, before getting into issues.  I have hour sessions.  I assume you do as well, but was just curious. 


--- Quote from: idee on July 16, 2013, 09:16:31 PM ---I have seen some things in here that look like they don't belong here. I'm not sorry your personality is such crap.
And this is not just what crosses my mind everyday. It is what happens in my life. I type on here to get opinions from intelligent people who have what I have, HIV.
I can not explain why my husband cannot work to people without disclosing his personal information.
Here I don't have to disclose it or explain why we see therapists to deal with things.
I am also on another site for moms. In it the HIV site is dead. No one wants to post or reply.
So I come on here.
If you wanted to sound like a jerk then congrads.
Anyways no wonder why you're trolling the mental health forum.

--- End quote ---


For a start, I already had words with Joe. It's not your place to take moderation of these forums into your own hands once a moderator has dealt with the issue (or any time for that matter - that's what the report to moderator button is for). If you weren't happy with how I dealt with it, you should have contacted me via PM, not addressed Joe yourself.

Second, we do not permit name-calling or personal attacks in these forums - and your use of the word "jerk" falls into that category, as does you trying to insult him by saying "I'm not sorry your personality is such crap." and "Anyways no wonder why you're trolling the mental health forum." Your thread wasn't even IN the Mental Health forum when he replied to you.

This is your first official warning. DO NOT resort to personal attacks or name-calling here again.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Joe K:

I wish to apologize for my insensitive remarks and I hope you will accept my heartfelt apology.



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