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Hi Guys

I'm doing some reading and have also consulted with my DR but I place a bit more value on personal experiences.  I'm + and recently met a Neg guy where there is mutual interest in pursuing something.  He told me he has HPV and has had it for about 4 years or so.  I feel a bit hypocritical for being concerned as I know what it feels like when I tell someone my status and they get concerned BUT at the same time I know that my health comes first.  I asked my dr and he told me that the use of condoms should prevent the transmission of HPV and that also there is Gardasil but most likely my insurance wont cover it and it does for guys under 27.....

Here is my real question/concern I guess.... I know that when I have been a top and used a condom there is ALWAYS skin on skin contact.... it's impossible for it not to be any skin contact.... based on personal experiences from men and women on this forum... what are the chances of transmission? Is there something that I should watch out for? What should be my concern here other than possible transmission? What are some of the personal experiences of members here?  Any advise is greatly greatly appreciated!!!!

Depending how old you are, you probably already are infected with HPV.  Most adults are.  However, HPV doesn't cause problems in most people. 

I was vaccinated with the Guardasil vaccine and was told my insurance wouldn't  pay for it.  They did however.  Even if they didn't cover it it was only about $200 from what I recall.

Also, you should be receiving yearly pap's and HRA's if you are HIV positive which should catch any HPV related problems before they become serious.

Guy, as Bugs said, most sexually active adults have been exposed to HPV at some point in their lives and have one strain or other.

If your friend is talking about warts, and he actually has warts, is there any reason why he hasn't had them treated?

I remember dating a guy years ago - and the first time I ever went to give him a bj (second date, if anyone cares to know), I gave his penis a once-over and discovered a cluster of small warts on the underside of the head of his penis. He'd never noticed them, because of having a foreskin and them being on the underside where they were normally covered by his foreskin.

I showed him, (he was shocked and embarrassed, but I was matter-of-fact about it and made him understand that I didn't think badly of him because of them) and told him where to go to get them treated. He went and got them treated, and he finally got his bj from me once they were cleared. ;)

So if by HPV he means warts, encourage him to get them treated.

I suppose I need to bring up these tests that bug talks about with my doctor.  I had a few warts removed years ago before I was diagnosed with HIV.  I was in my late twenties and my current doc removed them, but he has never brought it up since.  I haven't had any return since

Does Gardisil work once you already had it once?

Thanks Bug/Ann/Mikey for the replies

I'm 32.  So is it pretty common for males to have been exposed and carrying HPV? He had them removed.  I'll have to ask my Dr next time I go for my blood work to do a test for HPV then.  So one can have HPV infection without having any symptoms?  So is the only risk of transmission really when there is an outbreak?  I have been very very very sexually active.... 80% with condoms but I know that even when using condoms there is 100% skin contact but have never had any warts or bumps or anything so I wouldn't know. 

Mikeyb39 from what I understand Gardisil is to prevent the infection but does nothing once you carry HPV.  I did ask my pharmacy today the cost and he said they average around $130 per vial.  It's one shot the first month, a second shot the second month and the 3rd shot 2 months after so you do 3 shots over a course of 4 months.


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