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The past couple of weeks I've been having what I'd call hot flashes.  It usually happens maybe once during the morning, and before I go to bed at night.  I'm on Truvada, Prezista, and Norvir.  Just odd that it just started happening as I've been on these meds since August.  Don't know if it's related to my meds or something else.  I had night sweats before I found out I was positive.  It's not that bad...just lasts for a few minutes.  Just wondering.... ???

I have had people ask me why I'm sweating...and I tell them it's Manopause. :D

Every few weeks, I will get what feels like a hot flash.  It can be 65 degrees, and I will break out in a sweat.  It feels like that feeling when you're sick and you're about to get really sick and throw up, but that never comes.  It is just the heat flash.  I will usually strip off some clothes.  I will swear someone turned off the A/C.  Then, after 30 mins or so, I will have to put the clothes back on, because I'm chilly. 

I have wondered whether the virus causes this.  I've been meaning to ask neg friends, whether this happens to them.  It could be something normal?  Even for someone young, perhaps it is a normal hormone thing that happens.  I do have a friend, who breaks out in a sweat every time he eats.  And, it doesn't have to be hot food. 

Of course, it is good to discuss with your doc, especially if they happen frequently.

Thanks for your response.  I will bring it up at my next dr. visit.  I'm beginning to wonder if it has something to do with my smoking.  I was reading about COPD, and it is a symptom.  My dr. wants me to quit...I just have to make up my mind.  I have been noticing my breathing is a bit labored.  But everytime I'm checked my oxygen level is always 98%.  The heat is a big factor right now.  If I go outside to do anything, I look like I just got out of the shower in about 10 mins!

98% on the oxygen carrying capacity is horribly low, no wonder you feel out of breath.

Provided your viral load is under control smoking will take double the number of years off your life (approx 12) than HIV will (approx 5.5).

So if you're going to effort and expense to take anti-virals you might as well do a huge favour for your health that costs nothing.


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