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Any Juicers here?

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We do green smoothies at our house in a Vitamix, but I believe juicing is just as good; the only difference I've heard, is without the pulp/fibers, some people get constipated.

So, a pretty constant smoothie I make for us each day has:

1 apple
1 carrot
Handful of Kale/spinich or chard
1 Banana
1 mushroom
1 stalk celery
small handfull blackberries/rasberries/blueberries
2 heads broccoli
1/2 peach
1 tsp chia seeds
1/2 avacado
splash of apple cider viniger
cap full of aloe vera juice
1-2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 fresh basil leaf
little bunch of parsley if I have on hand
"some" filtered water haha... I guess at it.  You prob don't need if juicing and not blending though.

** I tried beets, but couldn't take the dirt flavor.  Oddly, I enjoy beets very much, just something about in the smoothie didn't work for me.

My partner and I'd CD4's each went up 400 points each and every other lab evened out to nothing outside the ordinary; my triglycerides dropped 50 points too, all after two months of drinking this!

 :) :) Hey Mikey

Yeah my Fave is Carrot, Ginger and Apple....Some of the greener juices such as wheat grass can be quite strong on the stomach and prob best in moderation. 

Am gonna try Weasels frozen banana option and turn it into a smoothie.  :D


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