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Zimmerman Not Guilty

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--- Quote from: poz91 on July 16, 2013, 01:51:17 PM ---If you didn't catch Rachel Jeantel on Piers Morgan last night, she repeated the 'gay panic' excuse... she admits that Trayvon beat George Zimmerman because he thought he was gay.

"Yes... definitely I say he thought he might be a rapist. For every boy, for every man... every... who's not that kinda way, see a grown man following them, would they not be creep out."

--- End quote ---

Here is an article reporting on what poz91 states.

I admit this topic is something I feel pretty passionate about.  I use to argue with my own family about these issues and it was never a win situation.  It's a view held as deeply as a person's religious beliefs, and it won't be swayed. 

I'm not saying this is the case on the forums, but I acknowledge from my past experiences that my own feelings on this matter may be clouded as well.   I should stay out of this discussion.


--- Quote from: skeebo1969 on July 16, 2013, 02:32:23 PM ---
    I saw this the other day.  I thought it was pretty interesting.

--- End quote ---

I remember seeing this, when it originally aired.  They've had other scenarios, where a black man or woman was treated differently.  I remember one was about retail stores.  They hired black actors, dressed in business attire, to shop in stores.  The black shoppers were followed, and even accused of being up to something.  And, these were black shoppers dressed in business attire.  Whenever you discuss this, many always say how whites are profiled, too.  And, that is true.  I've been followed in stores by security.  But, always when I was dressed down.  Black people are profiled much, much more.  You just can't compare the two.   

I was watching the interview with the juror, who has come forward (in shadow).  She referred to Zimmerman as George, but referred to Trayvon as "that boy."  It could be the jury just could not find him guilty, based on the evidence and instructions.  The juror said the jury was initially split, with some wanting to convict on 2nd degree and some on manslaughter.  She said it was listening to the 911 call that changed things.  The jury of 5 whites and one Hispanic was questionable.  I still can't figure out why the prosecution went along with that.  I think it was the initial investigation that needs scrutiny.  He just killed a teen, and they weren't going to arrest him.  They didn't talk to witnesses for a few months. 

The bottom line is Zimmerman had no authority to ask what Trayvon was doing.  He was a self-appointed neighborhood watchman.  It was not his business to confront someone walking through a neighborhood.  Trayvon was definitely profiled.  The gay comments are ridiculous.  Kids are taught about "stranger danger" from a young age.  They are taught to be concerned about strange men following them.  I would be worried about a stranger following me-- mostly to rob me, especially at night.   

Certain folks are now circulating this on Facebook.  They bring up the case of a young, white 17 year-old, who was murdered.  They complain he didn't get media attention, outside local media.

This article explains the key differences.

President Obama, just gave a very powerful speech ( about 40 minutes ago) in regards to the Zimmerman acquittal  and Trayvon Martin :

Video and transcript:


--- Quote from: skeebo1969 on July 14, 2013, 05:21:29 AM ---I had the luxury of listening to the testimony from day one.  You conveniently added a little bit there, and that's fine.  Rachal Jeantel said she told Trayvon "that he probably wants to rape you" and his reply was, "girl don't be playing with me like that".

The guy was watching him from his vehicle, and then followed him.  I would also wonder why someone was following me.  As an adult, if someone was following me, I would probably think they were going to rob me.  As a kid, I might think something worse.

Trayvon was guilty of no crime when Zimmerman chose to follow him.  Video time stamp from the 7-11 (convenience store) proved he was in route to his father's house. 

Today, I have to admit, it's pretty apparent that Trayvon started beating Zimmerman down once they reached the middle courtyard.  Truth to how exactly that transpired is only known by those two people.  One witness said he saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman hitting him, and even he said he didn't know what started it. 

Like I said, I have no doubt Trayvon got the upper hand in the physical altercation that ensued.  You can clearly see that in the photos of George Zimmerman after the incident had occurred.  At that point, and under the stand your ground law, one is allowed to use deadly force.

When I look at this though I see a bigger problem.  Why was Zimmerman following him in the first place?  It's true the area had suffered recent burglaries, stolen property, etc... which had nothing to do with Trayvon.  Why was he targeted as being a "suspicious male"?  Is it safe to assume that Trayvon might have felt he was in danger?   Where is his right to stand his ground and take actions to defend himself from a perceived threat?

Guess what, the guy with the gun wins.

After I learned more about this situation, I kept thinking to myself how just a little communication from one or both parties could have kept one from getting killed.  But in my opinion, that's where the mistrust from both kept this from happening.

It's tragic when a 17 year old is killed when initially he was doing nothing wrong.

--- End quote ---

Great analysis.  Why do we let loser dudes carry guns and "play" cop, and reward them for it!!!  The mind boggles.   

What a pathetic emasculated dumbass this Zimmerman, bullying a teenager when asked not to, on false libido emanating from a cold gun in his pocket.  What immoral stupid racist schmuck.  I hope his life is RUINED... 

And bad kharma on all Americans who don't understand how this was an individual's racial profiling and bad and probably racist law conspiring to bring a black teenager down. 


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