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Zimmerman Not Guilty

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I have found it very interesting how most come down on this case, depending on our political persuasions.  MSNBC hosts were almost crying, but also discussing the case in an intelligent way.  I turned over to FOX and they were so happy.  They were ecstatic. They had Geraldo live from Sanford.  Lord, he is a joke.  He was skirting on sounding racist, imho.  He said how Trayvon's parents were so articulate.  Would he have said that about a white family?  He asked the black people standing behind their live shot, whether they would get violent over this verdict.  He referred to Trayvon as a thug, while not qualifying whether that's how some viewed him.  It sounded like he was saying that about Trayvon. 

We had a family pool party at my partner's parents' house today.  Except for the younger family members (18-22), everyone else is a republican.  Well, his mother voted for Obama.  I hoped they wouldn't discuss the case, because discussing politics often turns bad.  So, this would be the same.  Well, everyone kept their cool, but they were all happy about the verdict.  They all admit that they rarely watch or read news.  I have noticed that with repub friends.  The ones I know aren't intellectually curious, and just get info from FOX.  For any repub members here, I am talking about people I know.  The race issue really eats at them.  None of them even knew much about the case, but automatically sided with Zimmerman.  You can't avoid the fact that all the republicans saw this as a just verdict, while we liberals had issues with it.   

I am not saying everyone, who thought the verdict was right, is a racist.  There were problems with the case.  I think they probably overcharged the case.  The people I know, who were happy with the case, have made comments that verged on racist, in the past.  And, many of them circulated a bogus story about Trayvon.  I have included that link below.  They posted how the media was showing pics of Trayvon as a 12 year-old.  They posted this bogus story, showing Trayvon with a very muscular physique and looking "thuggish."  As soon as I saw it, I immediately knew it was bull.  The man in the photo was obviously much older.  What would be the motivation of this bogus story and photo?  I have to believe it was out of racism.  The media photos showed a cute, young, black boy.  They needed to depict him scarier.  And, would it make it more acceptable to kill the rapper in the photo?  Trayvon was too cute, so you need a black man, who looked like he deserved it?  I can't figure out any other motivation.

I just don't think they would have been so willing to believe the story about a white kid.  As I've said, I think if Trayvon was white, the people I know would be on the opposite side.  They would be questioning whether Zimmerman was here legally.  If this was their kid, they would want justice.  They would not care about the complexities of the case.  So for them, I do think racism was at play.  I think it is perfectly acceptable to debate the case.  Thinking the verdict was right does not make one racist.  But, for those who are obviously viewing this from a racist prism, I just can't take them seriously that race has zero to do with their views.  They wouldn't have been so willing to believe the photo was real and wouldn't have been circulating it. 

Here is the story about the bogus story and photo.  There is a link to view the pic.

While I am sure that racism is a huge part of the reaction to this verdict, I'm not convinced it was part of the verdict.  I think 2 things went "wrong":

1.  The prosecution was, basically, inept.  They overcharged when you consider Florida's self-defense laws and they did a horrible job during the trial (at least the little bits I read about in the press).

2.  From what I read, the judge instructed the jury that they needed to consider whether Zimmerman's life was in danger OR IF HE THOUGHT IT WAS.  If those instructions were, in fact, given to the jury, it would have been difficult to find him guilty.

While I do think that Zimmerman deserved some punishment for getting out of his car and following Trayvon, despite being told not to do so, apparently, Florida's law made convicting him of murder or manslaughter a bridge to far.

The whole mess is a fine example of how where you live in the U.S. determines so many things.........


If you didn't catch Rachel Jeantel on Piers Morgan last night, she repeated the 'gay panic' excuse... she admits that Trayvon beat George Zimmerman because he thought he was gay.

"Yes... definitely I say he thought he might be a rapist. For every boy, for every man... every... who's not that kinda way, see a grown man following them, would they not be creep out."


    So Rachel Jeantel's testimony is discredited concerning George Zimmerman, but she is  a reliable witness against Trayvon?   Let's be honest, it was Trayvon who was on trial all along. 

   Oh by the way, I saw the interview with Morgan.... you're still adding.


    I saw this the other day.  I thought it was pretty interesting.


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