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Zimmerman Not Guilty

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Perhaps he and Casey Anthony can get a place together.


How does one reconcile this case (see link below), with the verdict that came tonight?  This is the case of a black, Florida resident.  She fired a warning shot into the wall, after being threatened by her husband.  She was sentenced to 20 (20!) years in prison.  The Stand Your Ground law didn't help her.  She didn't kill anyone.  Her bullet didn't hit anyone. 

For those who say race played no part in the Zimmerman case, how do they explain this?  Is it merely that she probably had a public defender, while Zimmerman had a very good legal team?  Would she have been found not guilty, if she had star legal representation?  Of course, we don't know.  It would be hard to find a case (except for O.J.), where an accused black person got a star legal team wanting to handle their case.  The same is true for poor, white people.  Well, unless you're attractive and get a lot of media attention.  I suspect Casey Anthony would have been found guilty, if she had a public defender.  Having said that, I still think white jurors would have had more trouble convicting her, then they would a black Casey.  If this case had not gotten so much attention, which I am actually surprised a black shooting victim got all this attention, I suppose Zimmerman would have had to settle for a public defender.  But, again, I think jurors would have wanted to side with him, even if subconsciously.

I have no doubt if Treyvon was white "Trevor Martin" (remember, it helps for a white person to also be attractive), we would have seen a guilty verdict.  FOX News would have a totally different take.  They would be the ones saying we need justice for little "Trevor."  Zimmerman wouldn't have been following little "Trevor" in the first place.  The evidence, that 100% of the police calls Zimmerman made were about black men, was not allowed to be entered in the trial.  He was instructed to stay in his car and wait for police.  He was not in danger.  He is now a free man, while this woman has a 20 year sentence for firing a warning shot.

Just a little food for thought...

Moments before Trayvon punched Zimmerman, knocked him to the ground, and began repeatedly beating his skull into the concrete sidewalk, he was on the phone with his friend Rachel Jeantel (who testified at trial) making homophobic slurs and jokes about Zimmerman... calling him an ass cracker, a pervert, a gay rapist. He was not scared of Zimmerman.

When he confronted Zimmerman, Zimmerman thought he said, "Do you have a f%$#ing problem, homie." Given the nature of the comments Rachel acknowledged Trayvon used, Zimmerman may have mistaken 'homo' for 'homie.'

The prosecution even subtly used the 'gay panic' defense in its closing arguments... stating that Zimmerman (aka the ass cracker gay rapist pervert) was every child's worst fear, and essentially argued that Trayvon had every right to beat him.

Interestingly, Zimmerman shares many characteristics with his brother Robert... who is an openly gay man.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty because he was the victim of an assault.

I was surprised.  I thought when the jury asked for a definition of "manslaughter" that Zimmerman may have been found guilty of that. 

The poor and minorities do not do well in court.  That's not news.  I read that Sharpton is going to Florida tomorrow and am sure this will not be the end of the situation. 

I really think Zimmerman should have been found guilty of at least manslaughter.  He didn't listen to police (staying in his car), and Martin was not armed. 


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