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i hate dogs...

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I like dogs, cats and gerbils!


--- Quote from: wolfter on July 14, 2013, 10:19:42 AM ---If you truly hate dogs as an adult, perhaps it's best to not own one.  I had a lot of initial thoughts just from the title alone, but I'll refrain.  Or perhaps it's just a reminder that I just had a beloved pet put to sleep?  I'd gladly tolerate any behavioral issues if I could be afforded the opportunity to spend valuable time with her. 

Someone who accepts the responsibility of being a caretaker of a pet should take that responsibility seriously!

--- End quote ---

I would give anything to get these dogs a new home. I had a cat and a dog as a pet before and they literally attached themselves to me. They just knew me and knew how to act right.
These dogs are my husband's and when I try to tell them not to lick the couch or naw on the *$$ for fifteen minutes he thinks I am mean. I mean these dogs will naw or lick on themselves until they have blisters or can hardly walk.
Then I stop them from licking the couch pillows until they leave sloppy wet spots.
I guess I really hate that my husband won't train the dogs.


--- Quote from: Dachshund on July 13, 2013, 09:38:45 PM ---What with the toilet seat and now this. Sounds like you need to get your husband house broken and trained.

--- End quote ---

the toilet seat was the person who came to look at our house. But I brought my Husband so far and he thinks he "fixed" me. He as literally said he has fixed me. I don't say a word because my friends know me and they say that I have brought him so far. I mean when I first visited him in the beginning of our relationship I did twelve loads of laundry. He would just go out an buy new things when he ran out of things to wear. That I think is kind of cute. But the dog thing annoys me.


--- Quote from: Hellraiser on July 14, 2013, 11:28:34 AM ---Your husband is wrong about a trained dog being unhappy.  Dogs have literally evolved to take every single cue from us.  They look to us for every facet of their lives.  There's a really good documentary on Netflix ( ) about how dogs and people are interwoven.  Anyway a dog doesn't get unhappy from taking commands, they simply see it as interaction with a person which they love.

--- End quote ---

I know I have treats and he gives them to the dogs because he thinks they are good boys. I give them to the dogs when they do good things. Like sit and not bark when our family members come over. Then they will literally lead me to the cookie box.
I am the one who told my husband not to use a stick to threaten the dogs when they do wrong because it does not teach it just threatens.

I think You Should adopt these Dogs out to another home. Really not a good situation for you and the dogs. Have you tried Kijji or the local Humane society. I am sure someone will love these dogs !


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