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i hate dogs...

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--- Quote from: Ann on July 15, 2013, 08:08:24 AM ---I used to have a Jack Russell cross who had occasional seizures. She never lost consciousness and the vet said they didn't happen often enough and weren't severe enough to warrant giving her sedatives. When she had one, I'd mainly have to make sure there was nothing near her that she could hurt herself on. They'd pass within a few minutes, but of course it always seemed much longer.

The only time it was a real problem was the couple of times it happened while we were out in public. People would crowd around giving well meaning suggestions and otherwise fussing about. This always had the effect of prolonging the seizure and I'd have my hands full making sure Tansy was safe and trying to get people to back off at the same time.

The first time she ever had one, I was in my bedroom having a clear-out of my closet and drawers and she was lying on the bed supervising. (She loved to supervise anyone doing any work - my partner at the time used to call her the foreman.)

I had my back turned when I heard a crash. I turned around and she was on the floor, having taken a large portion of clear-out stuff off the bed with her. I started telling her off, thinking she was messing around, when I realised she was having a seizure. Poor thing, she was freaked out enough without being told off too!

After that, my biggest fear was that she'd have one at the top of the stairs (we lived in a top-floor flat, with a private entrance at ground level with stairs going up) so I'd have to make sure the door to the stairs was always closed after that. It was bad enough she fell off the bed having a seizure, I shudder to think what would have happened if she fell down the stairs.

--- End quote ---

I was sleeping and my dog startled me awake as he was falling off of the bed. I reached out for him but I was too late. I got up and moved the night stand from his head area. I had no idea what was going on, I was crying. And all my husband could do was get mad because I let him fall off of the bed. He yelled at me and made me feel like I was wrong for not catching him.


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