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i hate dogs...

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I used to like dogs before I owned them as an adult.
I mean my husband believes a trained dog is an unhappy dog. So he refuses to train them.
He asks me to call the dog whisperer, yeah right! I would have to do the work behind the scenes to get them into acting good and he'd take the credit.
I said if he wants the dog whisperer then call himself. At elast he is taking the first steps to being more responsible for their existence.

What with the toilet seat and now this. Sounds like you need to get your husband house broken and trained.

This makes me curious where your dog was during your home invasions   Usually if a stranger breaks in and attempts to hurt a family member the dog goes nuts   Dogs tend to be a deterrent to burglars as they can't anticipate how the dogs will react

If you truly hate dogs as an adult, perhaps it's best to not own one.  I had a lot of initial thoughts just from the title alone, but I'll refrain.  Or perhaps it's just a reminder that I just had a beloved pet put to sleep?  I'd gladly tolerate any behavioral issues if I could be afforded the opportunity to spend valuable time with her. 

Someone who accepts the responsibility of being a caretaker of a pet should take that responsibility seriously!

Your husband is wrong about a trained dog being unhappy.  Dogs have literally evolved to take every single cue from us.  They look to us for every facet of their lives.  There's a really good documentary on Netflix ( ) about how dogs and people are interwoven.  Anyway a dog doesn't get unhappy from taking commands, they simply see it as interaction with a person which they love.


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