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Really?! News Fail

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Asiana Airlines has announced they are suing the San Francisco TV station.  As it turns out, the station did contact the NTSB to confirm the names, before airing them.  An NTSB intern confirmed the names that the station read to him. 

I think it will be difficult for the airline to win.  The NTSB has confirmed the intern confirmed the bogus names.  I still think someone should have noticed this, and held off until they saw the AP and others reporting it.  The names weren't very important info to have right then.  I know I've called local government for confirmation on different issues, and I was skeptical of the person confirming the info.  The station admits one major mistake was not asking for the intern's position at the NTSB.


    I may be riding a high horse with hindsight that is 20/20 and all, but I would have caught that.

I heard today the station fired three top producers.  In other news, there is this reporter drawing a penis on a map.  I really don't think she meant to do it.

Dumbasses deserved to be fired over that.


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