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In the 80's I had a lover sick with AIDS and suffering and anxiety was all the worse because of lack of health insurance.  In the 90s this repeated with two friends in New York. Meanwhile I had a swiss bf who didn't have any of this extra anxiety about health care. 

There were quite a few things happening in NYC in the 90s that just seemed that my state and my city (ok maybe the whole country but I don't know) was destroying working average people's standards of living - giving everything to the rich.

I think everyone should stay and fight to improve where they live. Its noble. Its home.  Why leave?  But also some people (for example people with chronic health problems) should be realistic and shrewd and theres a point where its a good idea to go to where its possible to live and thrive on the resources available.

I guess what im trying to say is that people can be lulled into thinking its a universal or unavoidable reality, that health care is precarious and unaffordable expensive.  It sure worked deep into my bones in NY.

I think you should watch very closely what your state is going to do and if it isn't liveable, and if it isn't respectable to human dignity, than you should make a study to see if its feasible to live somewhere else, a state that is going to set up something humane and responsible...

If I were in such shoes, I would never quit a job that offers affordable health care until I was sure that there was a long-term affordable solution for my next step.  That's just my opinion.  I wouldn't do well with the anxiety, and I also get very pissed off if Im being ripped off by corporations for something so basic as health care, housing, education, etc.


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