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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me here.

I'm currently employed & have health coverage at work that covers my doctor visits & my Atripla prescription each month.  The problem is I hate (I mean, H-A-T-E) my current job & an opportunity has come up to start working from home again, something I did for a number of years until the economy went South and I had to go back into the real world.  To say I miss working from home & working on my own schedule is a true understatement.

The thing that's holding me back is that I'm having a pretty hard time finding health insurance coverage that I can afford that has decent prescription benefits.  Anything I look at that's affordable has rotten prescription coverage and anything that offers good coverage is way out of my price range.  Most of the plans seem to be ok with doctor visits, hospitalization, etc. but anything other than a random prescription here & there just isn't remotely affordable.  I mean seriously, who can afford several hundred dollars a month plus 1/3 the cost of a $2500/month prescription??

So, here's my question…  Does anyone have any suggestions for someone who is planning on working for themselves?  As far as I know, I probably make too much money to qualify for any "assistance" (& I wouldn't want to take anything from anyone who truly needs it), but I don't quite make enough where it's not going to be a challenge each month.  I'd love any suggestions for insurance coverage (I"m in VA but might be moving back to NC later this year) or any kind of help for someone in my situation.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hey Noregrets;

Thanks for the post, I have been wondering the same thing.  I am currently paying several hundred in health insurance and several hundred in meds per month (after the copay card).....and yes its a stretch.

If you guys can hold off on making the change until Jan.1st,2014, the states should be offering alternative choices that are supposed to be more reasonably priced due to Obamacare. I am self employed and pay around $12,000. per year for insurance. Some of my med co pays are $40.00 each and doctor visits are another $45.00. it adds up quick!
Some states will be offering multiple plans to choose from. These are all currently still being developed and the cost is not yet known but I believe the deadline for announcing these options and the cost is Oct. 1st of this year.
I plan on checking them out carefully and hope to find a plan similar to what I've got at a much better price.
I could be wrong, but I think insurance companies cannot deny someone (adults) insurance for preexisting conditions after 1/1/2014. Insurance companies have been charging outrageous prices to the self employed for years. >:(
Hope this helps.

Mitch; Thanks for the reply -- I am hoping that there is an obamacare plan that reduces the cost, but I am not holding my breath.  Right now my insurance is about $9k/year. My doctor visits arn't bad at a $30 copay, but the labs kill me - its about $300 - $400 every time my labs are done, and my co pay on my meds is 50%!!!!  I'll be curious to see what comes out in the next year....

Thanks for the replies, guys.  The labs are something I hadn't even considered when I did my original post.  I'm going to the doctor about every 3 months now (bc I'm close to undetectable, but not quite yet) & that's a fortune each time.  Luckily, my current provider is great with that, they usually end up costing me about $100 each trip. I'm not sure with the new coverage I've been looking at what that might run.

How about Ryan White or state help?  At what point can you at least get some assistance usually?  I hate to ask about that bc I'd much rather  just buy my insurance & do it myself but they make it practically impossible.


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