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25 years (another post)


25 years…and it got me thinking.  Incident at work this morning, doing a group about decision making/consequences with a group of about a dozen young men, most  18-20.  Somehow the issue of safer sex came up (not that surprising actually, they can take just about any conversation and angle it towards sex) and one lad, head homeboy you might say(all plastic rosaries and baggy jogging bottoms), says “yeah but, (vicky pollard moment) hiv’s not going to kill you, you just take some pills ‘n shit , and it’s mainly gays that get it anyway, or junkies, so what’s the point of all this condom crap…”
I spent some time talking to this group about the realities of living with hiv, transmission statistics etc, and I hope that they went away slightly better informed. Just makes me a)sad  and b)frustrated that 25 years on, people still don’t know their facts, or how to keep themselves safe, or even (more importantly) why they are worth keeping safe.

…and head homeboy later ended up the victim of my “3 strikes you’re out” policy (after only one strike) following his “you’ve got a fine arse, miss…” comment…the joys of working with young men  :)


Hi Kate,

Been in the fight for the better part of 25 years, and we brought this on ourselves by letting the CDC and their pompous selves, purport on a regular basis, the data, disguised in "Risk Group" think.  Now we are going to pay the price of living in; but not participating in a "Participatory Democracy".  Sorry 'bout the assessment on my part, but I been sayin for the last 25 years; "It is a virus, Stupid!". 

Seems like right here in Southeast Arizona, we are exactly where you are in your world also.  "Whadya mean I have to wear a condom? I aint a faggot, nor do I do drugs.  Duh".

Please don't be too harsh on your young men, they grew up in "Sleepytime" households.  There is a general lack of understanding about this pandemic, and it is going to break this country in about five to ten years.  Maybe the Gods will call on me to pass over, so I won't have to waste any emotion on it any more.  I am truly tired of bullshit, and the way this United States is dealing with the AIDs crisis, is appalling.  Period!

In Love and Support of those who dare to "teach the truth".


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