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Soooo angry I could explode!!!!! Arrrgh.

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So, I'm watching a doco about HIV & that group called "bug-chasers" and some fucking old queen says "to test positive in 2000's is just stupidity".

What a fuck wit!!!! I NEVER barebacked once. Knowingly. And who the hell produced this.

Well bite me, bitch. This bastard got no time for that.

Is this a common sentiment amongst teh gays? If it is, I renounce any remote idea of community. And fuck them fuck them fuck them.

Angry angry angry. And didn't know where else to turn to express it. :/

Sorry. auspoz.

After rant- I also wish youse all the best of health.

Lol. 30 views and no replies. Lurkers much?


--- Quote from: auspoz on July 09, 2013, 09:32:10 AM ---Lol. 30 views and no replies. Lurkers much?

--- End quote ---

Everybody lurks....  (sung to the tune of REM's "Everybody Hurts")

That said, I don't know the context in which it was said that "to test positive in the 2000s is just stupidity".  It also doesn't say very much.  I suppose that becoming infected with HIV is often a result of a "stupid" decision (unprotected sex, IV drug use).  But who hasn't made a stupid decision in their life, of one kind or another?  Maybe this person hasn't come to terms with their own HIV status, or how they became infected with HIV.  Bitter.

The same human foibles, mistakes and temptations that led to HIV infections in the 1980s and 1990s are still present today.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't stop trying to reduce new infections, but that new / different / additional approaches to controlling HIV are needed.

You waited a whole 43 minutes for reply's before you complained about no replies...just so you know there are not a lot of people who sit on here all day just waiting to reply to posts.. I have made posts that have never gotten reply's but I didn't bet butt hurt about it....grow up


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