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Forgot to take my meds again

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--- Quote from: leatherman on July 17, 2013, 11:25:01 AM ---
the meds livewith are taking require food for the proper absorption rate.

--- End quote ---

I'm on the same combo, with identical sleeping issues. That's why I decided to also switch time as liveWithIt did, to see if it made any difference.

This current combo, was the only one I was able to take with food. All my previous ones made me throw up.

In the past I basically took my meds on an empty stomach, despite the recommendations.

Despite not adhering to the "recommended" food intake, I reached a current CD4 count of 1300+  and maintained an undetectable VL for almost 12 years (my nadir was 0 = zero in 2001).

( I would NOT recommend anyone with a low CD4 count and measurable VL to deviate from the "food intake" recommendations !)


--- Quote from: Grasshopper on July 17, 2013, 11:10:54 AM ---Don't you live alone ?

So far no problems here switching to mornings. No pill cases, alarm clocks or sandwich bags needed. Take them straight from their containers. Also no more nausea....take them "bare" on an empty stomach ;)

--- End quote ---

I do, but I may have my nosy landlord come in when I'm not home and snoop around.  I may have a relative visit and I don't want to get used to leaving meds around.  I actually only leave it out the night before so I can take it the next morning, that way I know no one will see it.


--- Quote from: Grasshopper on July 17, 2013, 12:57:10 PM ---despite the recommendations.

--- End quote ---
not really "recommendations" as those are the exact dosage instructions based on scientific testing.

You've done very well then, and been very lucky, to probably be only intaking half of the amount of the med that you should be getting following the dosing directions.

I was just talking with another member the other day about much often HIV (and the meds) play out very different with everyone. sometimes it's almost like we don't even have the same disease because the reactions are so individual/unique.


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