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For those being forced into Mail order pharmacy refills

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Thank you, I noticed that immediately AFTER I had received the email from my employer's benefit administrator, telling me basically I had no choice. My co-payment jumped from $30 to $75 per month, which also irritates me. Fortunately I am healthy and gainfully employed. The increased fee will hurt a bit, but I'll just have to cut down on a couple of porn sites (LOL...the sacrifices we must make!). I noticed there is a complaint on OptumRX with the Attorney General of Ohio, I requested via public disclosure all information on the complaint. I will check with the state insurance czar (whoever that might be).

I also fired off a cut and paste email of the POZ article to my employer's benefit administrator and let her know I had contacted the Ohio Attorney General's office. Now, I'm a realist and don't expect much, but at least my conscience is clear and perhaps, just perhaps put a small sinking feeling in the stomach of my health benefit pencil pusher.

Personally, I love the mail order option.  I have used it for years - even before "mandated" for ALL "maintenance" drugs in my plan (not just Specialty).  The extra time allowed for refills have allowed me to build a 9 months buffer supply of all my drugs.  This has included 3different mail order pharmacies
In the 7ish years of using mail order, I have had only two instances of slow delivery - really not much difference than delays for out of stock in store Rx experiences.



--- Quote from: bocker3 on August 21, 2013, 07:26:39 AM ---Personally, I love the mail order option. 

--- End quote ---

I do too, except that ExpressScripts (formerly Medco, formerly a lot easier to deal with) doesn't accept copay assistance program payments like my local pharmacy does. Copay assistance covers $350/mo for me that I would have to lay out myself until I was reimbursed if I had to fill my HIV meds through the mail-order option.

I'm a cheap SOB. I want my money working for me. I shouldn't have to loan it to a mega-corp who has the ability to receive payment from these assistance programs. If anything they have a better payment infrastructure than local pharmacies do. It should be easier for them to handle copay assistance programs.

They don't have any reason not to, except that they don't want to. If ExpressScripts would accept copay assistance as partial payments, I'd switch over to mail-order on my HIV meds.

I use a local pharmacy.

Every time I go in they ask how I am doing.  They ask how I am feeling.  They ask to make sure I have enough medication to last me until my next refill.

When I call, they recognize me and ask how I am.

They handle all my insurance and copay and my medical reimbursement card issues.

They genuinely care.  And they mail me my meds each month for free.

I highly doubt a mail order company could give a fig.

This is a nice, informative post, OP.

I almost had to deal with this issue when I had private insurance. I've switched to the public option (haha), and the place I go now calls me if my prescription comes in early. They'll even deliver if I can't make it. I go in, though, because I like to go to the pharmacy. The pharmacist loaned me a book recently, and I need to return it. You don't get that from mail order!

Good luck to everyone fighting this. It's nice that some people find it more convenient, but it should be a choice, not a requirement.


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