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Cold Sweats


Just wanted to know if anyone was having a problem with daily cold sweats.  I've been experiencing it for the last month and a half and it happens mainly when trying to sleep.  Either for the night or even for a nap.  It started when I was on a combination of Truvada and Kaletra and still going after the doctor swapped the Kaletra for Fosemprenavir.

Of course there is nothing worse then waking up in the Pacific Northwest in a cool house sweating and with damp sheets.  In addition to my frequent urination at night, this little problem affords me no complete sleep at all.

Anyone else experienced this??

cold sweats are very common with HAART therapy.  Try using a fan or sleep in silk P.J.'s.

I keep baby wipes or sensitive skin cleansing wipes by the bed, just so I can feel fresh after a sweat. Having a bed that doesnt have a solid base helps so that the air can circulate, as well as all natural fbre covers, although they are a bugger to iron! Sweet Dreams x

Thanks Jon...bizarely enough I've told my doctors the last couple of times about my night sweats but they've never broken it down as the HART therapy being the culprit.  Actually they never responded with anything.  I figured it was some medication I was taking but considering I started out on so many medications it was hard to narrow it down.  WebMD never listed it on any of the other meds I am taking. must live in a warm climate.  The last thing I would think about doing is wiping down with some fresh wipes.  When the night sweat come a nockin' I just wanna be dry but thank you for your advice.

I keep a small towel on my bedside.  I don't sweat every night but when I do I usually wake up very soon and can wipe my head and chest (the main areas I sweat) so I don't soak my bed linens. 


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